Friday, 10 March 2017

The air could turn blue.

This morning I bathed, perched on a shelf provided by Occupational Health.  Now facing the taps as they fitted it with my back to the taps ?  I then washed my hair leaning over the bath using the shower attachment.  In agony.  The air turned blue.  But to be fair I only had COPD when the shelf was provided.  We none of us knew about the fractured spine and compressed vertebrae which were a result of the steroids prescribed for the many chest infections with COPD that I had.

I then insisted on driving my car to the Esplanade.  I proved I could do an Emergency Stop when I saw this.

My beautiful hedge !  Destroyed.

Fortunately covered by Insurance.  And I never did like Leylandii anyway.  So I now need ideas of what to replace it with which is far more bird, etc friendly.  And lower maintenance and tank proof too.

This is how it was.

One of those hedges you had to keep trimmed to keep up with the neighbours.  Oh yeah.  This arial photo was taken just after we moved in in 2011.  The garden is a wee bit more interesting now.  We have the Spinney Cemetery in the right hand corner.  Beneath most of the wee trees is a cat corpse.  There is my path from house to Shedudio and in front of the shedudio a paved patio area.  So - an excuse methinks to give the whole boring space a rethink.

So we eventually got to the beach.

Lots and lots of sea birds and seaweed.  I walked .59 of a mile.  And drove back again.  Could this be the turning point?  Well I didnt scream or swear once apart from when I saw the hedge.


Chris Elliot said...

Removing a hedge is a huge job (think long roots). You might want to just repair it.

Terra Hangen said...

Well, that sounds like painful bathing and then a shock to see your hedge destroyed. Wow. You are right, you can have a very bird friendly hedge planted. Certain types of holly do well as hedges and provide berries for our feathered friends. I will check back to see your hedge choice.

e said...

Sorry about your hedge!

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Apart from the obvious annoyance/indignation of the hedge being subjected to careless driving, I am with you regrading leylandii - here's to a new hedge/fence/wall!

Mum said...

Glad it wasn't you that hit the hedge. I look forward to seeing the repair. Keep up that walking.