Tuesday, 28 March 2017

What I did and what I am going to do.

During my sorting (making a total mess) of the shedudio,  I found some solar powered outdoor lights I purchased for almost nothing from Lidl some time ago.  I followed the instructions until it showed a diagram of the on/off switch.  This is encased in rubber so how you know when it is actually on or off ....?  Anyway I pressed it a few times and then left.

Later that night the DP was watching out for an aurora.  Which everyone else saw.  But we got this.

Well impressed.

This morning I finally got to grips with registering for NEOS.  This stands for North East Open Studios.  An annual event.  

Every year Artists in the North East of Scotland open up their studios.  I have exhibited my work as part of a group for NEOS.  

Then in 2015 I went solo in the shedudio.  It was great fun, although tiring.  With my health issues I never thought I would do it again.  But - I have been talked into doing it again.

Hence the big sort out and the desperate search for a joiner to insulate and board the interior of the shedudio so I have a proper hanging space.

This afternoon saw me visiting my favourite cafe at the Dunes Golf Centre.

Well, any excuse.

I met my fellow artist Marie Buchan.  Do check out her facebook page, Marie Buchan Artist.  Her studio is in St Combs just up the road from me.  St Combs was a fishing village. Marie's studio backs on to the beach.

Mary J Torrance is also in the village of St Combs.  She paints and is also a sculptor. We 3 are the only artists in the Fraserburgh area that are to be part of NEOS this year.  Marie and I were plotting various strategies to get people to visit our studios.  The area we live in is often called 'The Hidden Corner'.  North of Aberdeen ?  Stagecoaches.

So I may bore you over the next few months.  

I just hope no rat appears during that week.


crafty cat corner said...

Love the lights, Lidl are wonderful, I'm always finding something or other to buy there. Great that you are going to exhibit. If I didn't do my needlework I don't think I would feel like getting up in the morning, it gives me a sense of purpose and I love doing it.
And those sandwiches look yummy

e said...

It sounds like you've been very productive and enjoying yourself. Every success with NEOS and getting your studio walls up

Grammy Braxton said...

I just found your blog by way of Hawthorne's blog. I am so glad I jumped over thru the link. I really appreciate your humor and your, dare I say, stubbornness. I'm 66 myself and have RA. If I didn't have humor in my life, I would be lost. So I'm a new follower and I look forward to reading more. Hugs, Sharon

Sue in Suffolk said...

Suffolk has an open studio event, and I've enjoyed looking at a few of the artists where we used to live, now we've moved I can visit some different ones. Good luck with the preparation, I think your paintings will be snapped up very quickly!

BadPenny said...

Good luck with the prep for your exhibition. Afternoon tea looks scrummy x

Chris said...

I have just found your delightful blog. I read back a bit and could feel your pain, as I broke my right arm just under 2 years ago and after some ultra sound treatment and two very painful but failed operations, I still have a broken arm which has been exacerbated by my shoulder dislocating. In my arm sling and still, I have no pain, but trying to use it can be very painful. I do take anti-inflammatory tabs and paracetamol.
Do have an afternoon siesta, it will help you.. and carry on walking with your chariot, we call my MIL's chariot, ' Sheila's Wheels!'
I love your art work and regret giving my grandsons all my art materials, because I thought I would be able to do any more, but I am seeing a new surgeon who thinks she can give me better use of my arm altho' I am dreading another op. as the others were so painful. Take care

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Good luck with the NEOS, we are in the process of trying to set up an open studio art trail here as there are so many artist makers that go under the radar. Lovely to see Sharon (Grammy Braxton) has popped over :) And yes to Lidl - love their eclectic mix of goodies for sale in the centre of the stores, good for a rummage :)