Thursday, 23 March 2017

A Good Day.

Getting later in the day for my walk on the Prom.  The DP and I were down at the beach just after 3 p.m.  But the tide was just coming in. Which I think is the best time.

And so do the Gull Gang. 

The weather was just perfect.  No wind, sunshine, and nice people with time to chat.

My friend and fellow artist, who bikes everywhere in every weather.

Note the new accessories for the chariot.  My Birthday gift from the y0ungest of my kids. Streamers on the handles.

As you can see from this pic, taken yesterday, when the wind was strong they are also a wind direction indicator!

I am sticking to my new make the back better regime.  At the moment, as it has been for months, I crawl in the morning.  I will have taken 2 painkillers before 6 a.m.  Then 2 around 1 p.m. I have half an hour to an hours nap and then walk.  Much later a glass or two of wine.  This carries me through to the next early morning.  I am also doing a lot of stretching of back.  Still waiting for physiotherapy to tell me what I should or should not be doing, but so far I am just ok.

At the end of the afternoon its down the shedudio and some painting.

One of the neighbouring farms has had a new arrival.

As I said - A GOOD DAY.


Chris Elliot said...

It still looks pretty chilly on the beach despite the sun. Hope you are well wrapped up!

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Yes, that does sound like a good day!

e said...

I'm glad things were good today. I hope you have more good days ahead. I like the colorful decorations, too.

rusty duck said...

Highland calves are the cutest things! Lovely.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Love your wind direction indicators, if you had a sail and roller skates you could be off and away at top speed by the looks of that wind!

vic said...

That second picture would make a great painting with those swirls of darker water in among the gulls.

It's good to hear that your new routine re your back is making things better. So many times we are just afraid to try something on our own fearing that it will make things worse when in fact it often makes things better. You never know unless you try.