Tuesday, 21 March 2017

68 ? WHAT?

Today is nearly over.  So is my birthday.  

Still can't take proper selfies. (I deleted 7 before deciding to post this one.)

As you can see I am upright.  And Cait Sith, my shadow, is behind me.

This afternoon nap lark appears to be working.  I take 2 of the Co-codamol at around 6a.m.  then around 2.30 after my half hour - to an hour snooze.  I can take 8 a day but really am agin pain killers where possible.  Then its down the shed for painting.  Back up to the house and a few glasses of wine before bed time.  Which so far, altho the pain is still there  it is vastly lessened.  i.e. I neither scream nor swear.

This beautiful bouquet from daughter number 2 arrived with the post.  

I wish I had taken a photo of the packaging!  It was amazing.  A rectangular box which came in through the letter box!  The larger blooms of Alstromeria and Lilies each had an individual sort of envelope.  Once in the water and food added, also supplied, they began to open up.  All totally out of season but hey, beautiful.

Lots of Artist materials, cards, and facebook messages gave me such a warm feeling.  
Capped by a visit from a friend I dont see that often even though we are about 5 minutes away from each other....She rather interrupted my painting jag, but it will all still be there tomorrow.

Another Mute Swan on the drawing board.  

I am missing my walk along the prom but we have had strong winds for the last few days. Perhaps tomorrow?

As regards the deal with this magazine Your Fraserburgh.  They seem happy with one of the pictures supplied for their front page, the ones for the featured artist have all been accepted.  But I am not holding my breath.  No mention of any payment has been made, and to be honest I am not too fussed.  But for it all come to my work being displayed that really would be the icing on the Birthday Cake.  (No, I didnt get one.)(And I wasnt too fussed about that either.  Roast Pork WITH crackling, which the Scottish Butchers do not do but did this time was wonderful.)


e said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds enjoyable and nice selfie, too.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you, lovely flowers and amazing that they arrive in such a small package

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Happy birthday! Liking the self ie, braver than me, I don't do them! !

Nanny Anny said...

Happy Birthday!! 🌺🍰🌺. From Nanny Anny in Canada

rusty duck said...

Glad you had a good day and hope you're still standing after the few glasses. And even an aurora!

Lynn said...

Sorry couldn't wish you a happy birthday yesterday ~ no internet. Hope you got my card. Looks like you had a good day.

baili said...

Happy birthday friend.
Loved the flowers from your daughter.
Wishing you a healthy peaceful life ahead!
Hope weather gets better and you take your walk properly

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I am glad to see you are looking and feeling better. Besides fractures in our backs, we share a March birthday. Mine is the 23rd. I will be 69.. What birthday presents you received, beautiful flowers and an aurora. I am not quite north enough to have experienced one, but they fascinate me.