Saturday, 4 March 2017

Saturday sauntering.

Awful weather today.  Heavy rain and strong wind.  No walk for me today.

I am feeling much better.  Probably more a mental thing after seeing my GP yesterday.  I am going longer between taking painkillers and am able to move much more without bad pain.  Thank you for the lovely, supportive comments.

Weather forecast is much better tomorrow.  So plan is I drive, with the DP as shotgun, and then walk.  If I find it hurts then the DP can take over the driving, altho I feel bad at him having to come with me .  He is off early in the morning to hopefully see a couple of rare birds which are not on Fraserburgh beach !  He will then be back in time for me to walk.

I spent the morning getting the rest of the exhibition stuff labelled, wrapped and packed ready for taking in.  The afternoon I was painting.

A ram.  I think this is my star sign?  Aries.  

I also tried out my new Pens on Botanic Paper.  No pencil drawing first so pretty scary.  You can't make a mistake as you can't erase.

In between painting I watched the birds.

A Coal Tit.  Smallest of the three tits we have in our garden.  

Catching the seed that falls from the feeders above.  

Saw the rat again.  I have now declared war.


rusty duck said...

Glad you're feeling better. Don't do too much too soon!

Chris Elliot said...

Now that you have an official diagnosis and likely outcome, you are probably less stressed. Hope your recovery continues. Love the ram!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, that rat. I had to stop putting food out for the birds in my garden because of Rats. I actually saw a rat run up the wall then hang on the bird feeder, trying to get at the food. Of course, it stole the hanging fat balls clean away and it had a lovely feast on the seeds the birds dropped onto the floor. And then it had the cheek to chew up the bristles from my broom to make itself a nice cosy nest in the shed which is right next to our back door. Yuk! I put some rat poison in the corner of the shed and that was the end of that one but I've never been brave enough to feed the birds again. I hope you find a good solution quickly before he invites his friends round.
I love your paintings; wish I loved closer so that I could come to the exhibtion. Helen x

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Glad things feel easier, long may that continue, keep painting!

Minigranny said...

So glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. Your paintings are wonderful!