Monday, 6 March 2017

Ah, a new week.

At last my exhibition is complete!  The DP took the rest in this morning while he was doing the shopping.  

The final two 20 x 20 cms canvases.

And the Harvest Mouse. (I cannot find a photo of the finished painting.  DOH.)   Plus some for the browser.  Sigh of relief that it is now all up.  The exhibition is on until the end of April.  

I managed to wash my hair this morning.  I also managed to shower the whole bathroom.... I use the shower head unlatched and bend forwards over the bath.  It hurts.  But I did it. For the rest of me, in the olden days - which I remember - it was a tin bath.  In the even older days it was with a jug and a bowl.  Which I do not remember.  Its the latter theme I do at the moment.

After lunch it was time for the walk.  Spitty rain, a bit of a breeze, and very overcast.  Perfect for me.  I managed the .59 of a mile walk.

There's me just turned to do the second half of the walk on the Path of Doom.

And here is the DP taking the photo.

Hardly any humans or dogs out walking so plenty seabirds.

The above shows two Lesser Back Backed Gulls. With three juvenile Great Black Backed gulls.  The Lesser ones have just returned from I know not where as I have forgotten but they breed here and are not around in the winter.

Masses of Oystercatchers all posing for me to paint.  I took loads of photo but I won't bore you.

Returned home to paint down the shed and view the garden birds.  Here is a group of Tree Sparrows on the spray of Rambling Rector rose, just beginning to bud.

Also saw the rat.  Know exactly where it lives.  Reluctant to kill anything.  So discussions ongoing as to how to get rid of it humanely.  So far my best idea was to tip the water filled trugs under the wee shed where I think it lives and make it uncomfortable.  But then it would presumably move to live under my shedudio.  Which would make me uncomfortable.  Any advice gratefully received.

I had a laugh tonight.  While viewing to see if I had any new comments there were two from ANONYMOUS re a blog I did in 2011 !!!!  Have they nothing better to do ?  Needless to say I am not publishing.  

Tomorrow is another day.  


SandyExpat said...

I just came over to your blog from Ilona and I must say you are amazing! You walk on thru a lot of pain. Quite brave in fact.

I enjoy the photos and must say you have a nice place to walk. Take care.


Athene said...

Hate to say it, but it's unlikely that there is just one rat living in solitary splendour. He's likely to be a family man, and increasing his dynasty as fast as he can.

Rats are always around but the fact that you're seeing one frequently (it may not the same one each time!) means that the local population has grown and they're moving into new territory. Because of the amount of bird feeding you do, your garden is probably featured in the local Rat Restaurant Guide.

I understand your reluctance but in my experience poison, in proper bait boxes to protect other wildlife, is the most effective solution. Or do you know anyone with a terrier who could visit?

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Rats... where there is one will be many more, especially now heading towards spring! Does your council cleansing department dispatch rats? When we go camping I have what we call a 'festival bath' aka a granny bath, a complete wash including hair in just a bucket. I've got it down to a T!

Anonymous said...

I'd call a Mr.P. Piper from the German town of Hamelen as he has an unconventional method but you might have to close the local school as well. I'm addicted to your blog ... keep it up! All the best! Swiss Frank