Saturday, 25 March 2017

Saving the Planet.

Earth Hour.  Tonight 8.30 to 9.30.  10 minutes to go.  The laptop is powered by battery, not sure whether that is cheating....

I have lost a day.  Thursday night around 2a.m.  I was violently sick.  I am never sick.  Quite cross.  Spent the next day lying down.  Knocked out.

Back upright today.  So glad I didnt miss today as it has been beautiful.  T shirt weather for goodness sake !  Quite a shock to be switching central heating off as soon as I got up and it staying off.

The big boat was anchored in the bay.  The DP said it was because Scotland were playing and the crew would all be watching satellite t.v.  I think he made it up.  I think the supply boat had brought the crew in to do the shopping at Lidl.  Either way it has been there all day.

It has been wall to wall sunshine today.  Down the shedudio later in the afternoon I had the door and windows open.  This helped when I saw the rat as I shouted and it shot off.  I havent lost the knack as my kids will tell you.

If Sith cat is not snoring his head off on 'his chair' in the shedudio and sees said rat he chases it.  I am trying to train him to be on guard.  Altho it may necessitate removing his chair outside so I hope this good weather continues.

I have been playing with some new watercolour paints and so far with this quick sketch I am well pleased.

Redshanks.  The pigment in the paints is all natural.  Like in olden days.  All helps to save the planet.  Not sure about the inks for the legs and beaks tho.  


crafty cat corner said...

If it helps, I was violently sick last Saturday evening. Our Grandson was down for the weekend and treated us to a take away chinese, everyone else was okay so I can only think that there is a bug going around as like you I was fine the next day.
Have you ever thought that where there is one rat there might be a lot more, lol
Lovely painting .

rusty duck said...

But will Sith stay in the chair if it is moved outside, that is the question.

e said...

Beautiful day here, too. Your sketch is gorgeous and I'm glad you're up and about.

Gail, northern California said...

So glad you're feeling better and able to create your lovely artwork.