Sunday, 19 March 2017

Hopefully a bit of a break (ha ha) through.

Ah - remember the fractured spine and the compressed vertebrae?  I do.  Well the only advice was to keep moving.  Which as I have documented here - I have.

Today was HELL.  I have had days of excruciating pain.  But I battle on.  Keeping moving. But today I just could not do it.  I was hunched, tottering, it hurt to sit to stand, just everything.  Just imagine having a bath, well bathing, perched on a shelf over the bath.  Twisting. Yow.  Washing your hair stood outside of the bath and leaning over. Ouch.  But I did it.

So - instead of a walk, after lunch, I went to bed.  Something that is totally against all my principles.  If that is what life is about going to bed...... I would rather , well we wont go there.

I got up.  I went down to the shedudio.  I hunched and tottered.  Then I suddenly realised my back was not hurting quite so much.  I stood upright.  Straightened the back !  The knife appeared to have gone.

There was one web site I remembered which said to rest,  in bed.  Nothing about hurling chariots into cars and walking and trying to go further each time.  Hmmm.  Probably chancing fate even talking about it.  But I have not needed a pain killer since 9.30 a.m.

So apart from some painting down the shedudio I watched the garden birds.

The Redpolls have returned. (Common Redpoll.)

As have the Greenfinch, although in vastly reduced numbers.  They are susceptible to an Avian disease.

Siskins also returned.  Having a stand off with a Goldfinch... We have many of the latter all year round.

Siskin won that battle.

The shedudio through the looking glass.  The mirror is on the back wall behind the taps of the sink.  I am still waiting for the joiner to come and quote for lining the walls so I can hang paintings....  Also waiting for the fence/hedge people to quote for the boundary hedge/fence.  But thats the North East of Scotland for you.  Manana.

Lets see what manana brings to the back situation.  


rusty duck said...

Everything in moderation, walking included. With plenty of rest in between? Got to be worth a try. Good luck.

Chris Elliot said...

Hooray! So happy for you, hope it lasts.

Terra Hangen said...

I hope you continue to feel better and pain free. Your shedudio looks ideal for painting and crafts and just hanging out in it.

Anonymous said...

I have only recently discovered your Blog. Absolutely love your sense of humour, so am going to read all of your earlier treasures. I do not envy you all of the pain you are suffering. However, love the way you cope. Your paintings are really good. Do you sell them? Hope you are soon feeling a little better. Regards Sheridan in Queensland.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Wow, everything in moderation, exercise and rest. Fingers crossed.

Mum said...

Hope the back stays well for you.