Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Wednesday witterings.

Another beautiful day weather wise.

Much colder.  Although there were still families out, in the playground and on the beach.  This is half term for many schools.  Here in the North East of Scotland we have 'Tattie fortnight'.  Years ago children were given two weeks off school to pick the potatoes. Tatties.  So the kids here still have 2 weeks off in October.

Nowadays there are machines.  Or in some cases people are still involved.  But come Brexit they wont.  Nor will they be picking all the fruit we grow.....Farmers are worried.  Almost all food gatherers which involves physical labour are from European Countries.....It may surprise some of my readers but in Scotland we grow strawberries, raspberries and of course potatoes, carrots.  Most of which are harvested by human labour.

Back on the beach.

This family started off with everyone wrapped up and booted for the cold.  But kids will be kids!  Stripped off and paddling.  Mum/Dad trying to fly the kite.

Sadly at some stage they let go and the kite sank into the sea.  Yet more pollution.....

The Lobster boat was going back to harbour at a fair lick.

Which is more than I was doing.  The wind was getting up.

Back home I went down the shedudio and did a bit on a Kingfisher.

Sat and tried to plan re-hanging in there.

Finally contacted all the raffle winners.

Now waiting for the promised Aurora.  Clear skies.  Been seen further up the coast so why not here?  Hey  ho.


Sue in Suffolk said...

I would love to see the northern lights - one day maybe. Hope the sky is clear enough

justjill said...

There is a faint green glow. And a beautiful clear plough stars. Currently freezing to death as the DP tries to capture.

Terra said...

I hope your farmers will still be able to hire workers from out of country. I live in an agricultural area in California and here most crops are picked by workers from out of country. Your photos of sea and boats and sky are beautiful.

BadPenny said...

What lovely blue skies. A lot will change post Brexit none good x