Thursday, 19 October 2017


I've been framed!

Even the worst painting looks better mounted/framed.  I have my alter ego in the shedudio if ever I want a laugh.

So today was me totally stressed out.  Last ts crossed and i s dotted.  No more.  

My latest, probably silly bit of stressing is I am advised to keep away from crowded rooms.  Not from some psychopathic  urge to kill everyone, but fear of catching an infection.  Tomorrow night is the preview.  Will see how I feel in the morning as to whether I go or not.  I have gone the longest ever since I was first diagnosed with COPD without a chest infection.

No walk today as it was dark and wet.  Is anyone in the UK getting any nice weather?  Apologies to everyone called Brian but we have him storming his way in next.  

However some stress busting art got done in the afternoon.  Almost got this years Christmas card finished.

Few more twigs and some witty words required.  

Bird watching.  Was convinced - for a while - that this was a Brambling.

But decided it was a boring young male Chaffinch not quite got the colouring?

Our neighbours across the park/field have their pregnant sheep in their field.  Their primary school aged son cares for them - very well I might add.  He comes from a long line of fermers. (Doric) 

The tree felling continues next door.  70 foot high pine trees coming down.  He is waiting for a strong wind in the 'right direction' before he fells the ones closest to his house.  Fortunately the ones which would have hit the shedudio are safely felled.

Roll on Monday when it is all over. The exhibition I mean!


kjsutcliffe artist said...

I am with you on the Monday thing! Take care and don't get too stressed or over do it. (Says she who has been up since 3.45am typing letters and emails and trying to soothe an artist and his ego before he ruffles even more feathers!!) Why on earth did I get involved! Off to bed now, I am rather tired - it is almost tomorrow now.

Lynda said...

Hope you feel up to attending the preview and that the exhibition goes well. xx

BadPenny said...

Your Christmas card is coming along nicely, keep well. I went on holiday; blue skies and seas and.... caught a cold ! Now the whole family has it.

Sue in Suffolk said...

You could be like the Chinese and wear a mask!
Christmas card looking good. Hope preview goes well

Tom Stephenson said...

I love that self portrait. It makes me laugh too.