Friday, 13 October 2017

Down days.

Just had a couple.  We all have them.  I feel my bones disintegrating.  Or is that just my imagination?  I used to worry about my lack of breathing .  Stopped smoking.  Breathing improved.  Then it was Osteopenia.  Take these pills for increased C and D.  Which make me  feel sick.  Just get on with it.  But now my ribs hurt....

So did the .59 of a mile today.

Coming home.

Up the Path of Doom and snail spotting.  

Back down the path.  Its just a path with sand dunes on the right and left.  But when I first began walking I never thought I would walk the whole path.  Now I do.  Tho not every day.

Lovely weather.  Forecast was for rain.  No rain, no wind, and unseasonably warm?

The Kittiwake still present.

A lot of feather sorting from the Black Headed Gulls.

Back home.  Our neighbour is removing his very tall pine trees.

Opening up vistas for us, but removing habitat for the local Starlings et al.

Not a lot we can do about it.  Positive are we have some views.  DP hopes to get better photos of the Aurora.

Our neighbour didnt like the pine needles.  No doubt he didnt like the loud chatter from the roosting birds either.  I just worried he knew what he was doing and none of the trees fell on my shed.  So far shedudio still there, though I think the Starlings have gone elsewhere.

Bit of a mixed day.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit down and the fact you are losing your pine trees must not be helping - I can understand how you feel both our neighbour in Scotland and the one here at home have a different take on the garden to us. We like very natural and green they seem to like suburban tarmac!

Syd said...

Please make sure you keep the Drs up to date about the side affects of your medicationsite.
Anything else aside from snails? Look out for sheild bugs and Burnettsee too!

Tom Stephenson said...

I miss the starlings in Bath. There used to be hundreds or even thousands. They are going through hard times right now, so another little loss of roosting space is a big blow in general.