Thursday, 26 October 2017


Well yet again the weather forecast lied.  Not a mention of rain.  Though the wind speed was probably correct.

So our Joiner turned up with sidekick to fix the trims (?) on the dormer windows.

This was him balancing on the roof.  The rain was coming in horizontal.  But the job was completed.  Well done.

I however did not do a walk today.  Wind speed was 20 mph plus.  And then the rain....

So it was down the shedudio and painting.

And I began a painting of Redshanks.   Although what you see is the rocks they are on, which hopefully the sprinkled salt will create the effect I want.

Last night.  Aurora.  Outside our house.

For the uninitiated the green light is the Aurora.

This is the lights 'dancing'.  The latter was taken by a friend, Mark Grant.  I had to tell this unbeliever to get out with his camera which can see better than the naked eye and this is what he got!

This was at Rosehearty Harbour over the harbour wall.  Lovely.


Chris Elliot said...

Magnificent light display! Too bad about the weather but I suppose it is to be expected as the year winds down.

Tom Stephenson said...

Having the Aurora Borealis on your doorstep must be great.