Sunday, 22 October 2017

And breathe.

All done.  However this morning was the weekly Alendronic Acid pill.  

Which more or less wipes out the whole day.  

Plus I should not have gone in to the exhibition yesterday.  The DP says interfering - but I went in to help.  And did too much .  Hey ho.  

And of course it continued today without me, and continued to be a success.  Apart from the ace photographer the DP taking photos on his phone of the presentation for Best in Show and the camera was not connecting which he only just discovered........

BUT he did remember I loved this painting and bought it.

Sue, The Cottage at the End of a Lane blog.  You asked what the circular things were.

Stretched canvases on a circular frame.  Painted in acrylic.  The artist loves cats, and is inspired by Celtic art, Mary Jane Torrance.  But I like mine the best.  Now on the dining room wall.  

The dining room doubles up as an art gallery.  Now my stuff has come back from the exhibition, nothing sold apart from a few cards, huh, I am having a swap around.  I may as well hang in the dining room the paintings I really, really like.  Then change the shedudio hung paintings round.  

In the dining room will also be some of the DP's latest photographs.  He didnt sell either.  I know I am biased but they were very good, and I will post them when he has recovered from the day and sends them to me!

I am moaning again but nothing was displayed well this year and there are to be some considerable changes laid down in stone for next year.  (I was not alone in my moans - other artists have also commented.)

That does depend of course on if I am still breathing.


Terra said...

That round painting is lovely, good of your DP to buy it for you and now you can both enjoy it in your home.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

I'm sitting quietly on the settee, coffee in hand and I feel shattered. Glad the art event is over but quietly happy how it went. Will we do it again? Yes, will we do things differently? Oh yes, lots and changes but the feedback was amazing and encouraging. Hope you are recovering from your weekend too x