Friday, 20 October 2017

No blood spilt - tho very nearly.

Putting on a Visual Art exhibition.  DONT!  

Mature people getting into such a state.  Whoooo.

Having done, most of, my clerical duties which is mostly unseen or noticed, I did not have to be in the exhibition hall.  When I did venture in to ensure all was running smoothly I was verbally attacked by some.  I can take that in my stride as I appreciate the stresses of taking in exhibits, doing the labelling, making sure the money is right etc.  Then being faced with displaying all the exhibits.  Particularly today.  My clerical duties and social networking has been so successful there were rather a lot more exhibits than we have ever had before.......

Howsomever.  Its done.  

Our guest Artist, Jane McMillan, display is awesome.  Apart from the no smoking label and clock in the middle......

That was all I saw on this visit today.  Well I did see one other room which I hope has been sorted as it looked awful (I did not say so)  and I was told not to go upstairs to the large hall as it was chaos.  So I beggared off.

No wind.  But the sea was rough from yesterday's wind.

The Kessock Burn has lost all its carved sides.

Boats going home to the harbour.

A brief walk for me.

The DP returned home and we had our dinner.  He is chair of the Fraserburgh Art Group and was totally shattered.  But went back for the preview evening.  There may be some wine left over as I have decided not to go as I fear crowded, hot rooms and I havent had my flu jab yet.  (And I have my own wine.)

The exhibition proper begins tomorrow at 10 a.m.  I hope to see lots of red dots from this evening.  We make a point of inviting people with money as opposed to the rest of the weekend when it tends to be relatives and family viewing the kids entries.  I would really like to sell just one of my paintings.  I did notice today my contribution to Cornerstone Charity auction that my donated painting had sold.  I get nothing for that only a warm glow.

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