Sunday, 15 October 2017

Pictures at an exhibition.

On Friday morning all exhibits for FASE4 have to be taken in.  Amongst doing all my tasks as secretary to the Fraserburgh Art Group, it suddenly struck me I have to do that also.  None have to have been exhibited before at FASE.

Well these haven't been in as framed.  Which they now are.

 This one above certainly not been shown so he/she is in.  I have 20 cards.  Not gone through the ones for the browsers yet, which are not framed but mounted, but as I am providing 3 browsers I better get on with it.  Somewhere I have to find to empty the 3 browsers onto/into.... 

My fellow volunteers have been stringing the bunting coming in, over 400 so far.  If this exhibition is not a success I give in.  We are all getting pretty stressed.

Bit windy today, just October not the Hurricane yet.  But strangely warm.

Kessock Burn carving its way to the sea.

The Gull gang.

Lots of Great Black Backed Gulls.

And 2 Oystercatchers having a paddle.

Tomorrow I hope to be finalising all my secretarial bits and pieces.  On Tuesday the DP has his flu jab.  Me ?  Well despite having COPD my appointment isnt till the beginning of November.  Make sense of that .


The Weaver of Grass said...

I hope the whole thing is a resounding success - gives everyone such a lot of confidence.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

We are at that stage of .... last minute jobs that just can not be done sooner. I have the weather behaves itself, with just under half of the artists on our trail, I hope folk are not put off. still, live and learn - hope your weekend is a success!

We will have to swap notes afterwards and see how we did :)