Thursday, 19 April 2012

Well now -

As they say up here in the North East of Scotland,

Well, this is Puzzle when he was well , note the tummy touching the floor.

He is still with us.  A shadow of his former self.  We have nursed him along.  He has been fed mush, hot water in mush and lapped it, to save him from having to swallow big lumps.  Then suddenly, Monday, he got to the other cats biscuits before we did and crunched away and swallowed, and no 'orrible noises when so doing.  

Tuesday was much of the same, plus he was aroond and aboot doing the stuff he used to do.
Wednesday back at the vets.  She found a lump in his throat, which could be an abcess.  Look away now if you are squeamish, but if this grows and she will see him again Monday, then they can sort it!!!!

Back to the mundane, well no actually, back to the art.  Next two weeks is farming machinery and the older and more ruined the better.

As regular viewers of this blog you will know that the Dawn Patroller often discovers such gems.  So I have to provide photographs for said artists to  interpret in their own way.

Now here is a trumpet sound or whatever for the dawn patroller.  This is a photograph he took of a short eared owl and we had it put on to canvas.

Now on the dining room wall.

Back in the summer hoosie - my wall, of 'learning by your mistakes' the display of which took most of this afternoon - but I thought it was necessary.

Well now! 


BadPenny said...

Learning by your mistakes is a great idea - perhaps we should all make a wall !
Fabulous photo - not surprised you had it put onto canvas.
Poor Puzzle xx

Susan T said...

You being still being far too hard on yourself. A learning by your mistakes gallery indeed! Love the owl photo, very striking.

Christine Laennec said...

Oh I do really hope they can sort Puzzle out and that he too will be "Well now". Your wall of art is amazing. Agreed that you are far too hard on yourself! Call it the Wall of Learning.