Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wednesdays Witterings.

Yesterday, along with all the traumas, the Dawn Patroller and I went for our eyes testing.

He is fine.  Think positive.  One of my eyes is better (?) but the other is worse.  So new glasses for me.  But its a buy one get one free.  Even with all this new technology so you can see your new glasses on your face before you select its still very confusing, so I go with what the 12 year old glasses technician tells me.  The sun glasses I look very much like Ronnie Corbett.

The main pair, well, you will just have to wait and see (ha) as I will, as I cannot for the life of me remember what the 12 year old glasses technician chose.  But I think they are purple.  And as Practising wearing purple is one of my favourite poems.  Well now.

As it was then lunch time we decided to be naughty and have a Macdonalds.  Hmm.  Quarter pound cheese burger looked to be about 2 ounces and didnt have any cheese on.  Plus we were sat in a howling gale as the drive through bit wasnt working so there was a constant stream of staff going out with drive thru orders and coming back in again.  The gherkin was as good as I remember it.

Then it was B&Q - make the most of our trips to Peterhead we do - not one thing on my list did they have.  But I still managed to spend too much.

So digging a hole in the pouring rain was quite a relief for the DP, and him with a cold poor thing, but at least the hole wasnt for him.

This morning was art class and we started on our 'old farm machinery', which didnt go down well with the majority of the students, but they were getting to grips, or ploughs, or rotavators by the end of the session.

The highlight of my day was that one of the more professional and experienced members of the group gave me a present.  And this is it.

I made him sign it, it'll be worth a bit when he's dead.


BadPenny said...

It really is something when Drs Dentists Teachers Policemen etc look twelve years old ! I embarrassed Jess at a Parents' evening when I thought her Geography teacher was a student.

Lovely painting.

A Trifle Rushed said...

Your posts always make me smile, and the goose is beautiful. Jude x