Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Wednesday Witterings.

Yesterday some of the Fraserburgh Gang had coffee in Cafe Connect, followed by lunch at the Lighthouse Museum.

During the time we were together we finalised plans for our next volunteering stint in the local primary schools.  The bond that unites us is art and craft.  There is a variety of different skills within the group.  We have been asked to pass on those skills to the children and help them to design something -from a waste bin to a mural, garden bench to a floor design, for the new swimming pool and leisure centre , the building of which is to finish this summer.  As I am banned from classrooms and their germs I am to set up a facebook page.

 Our other project is this -

Every year in the North East of Scotland there is NEOS.  North East Open Studios.
It last a week and during that time you can tour round meeting artists in their studios, or in shops, in church halls et al.
Our lot are putting our art into a cd case and displaying it at a local doctors surgery.
(My contribution is Sith Cat at the bottom of the poster above.)
Last year we did knitted fish and ended up with over 600 from all over the world.
Watch this space.


BadPenny said...

What a brilliant venture !

Susan T said...

Knitted fish indeed, the mind boggles. I like the idea of community art.

Christine Laennec said...

How cool! And - so you were behind that knitted fish thing! Might have known. Looks like great fun.

Jill Chandler said...

Sadly Christine, I wasnt behind the fish idea. I just helped display, take down the display and try to get rid of the damn things. The life size mermaid went off to a local playgroup in a pushchair.

The disc thing is beginning to take off. Such a simple idea. We have quilting, embroidery, cross stitch, paper folding, you name it its in a disc cover.