Thursday, 5 April 2012

Thursday Thrill.

Not just yet, you will have to wait.

This is the rear of our house, not a view often presented, or viewed for that matter!  The Summer Hoose is away to the left.  Going from the left, kitchen window, loo window, dining room patio door and then the garage.  The upstairs shower room is the one in the roof.

There is sumart wrong with this sheep.....

Rabbits playing in the early morning sunshine, fortunately not in my garden.

Now this is the thrilling bit.  Hit on the picture.  

Behind the tree you should be able to see a bum on the left and a head on the right.  
The DP is convinced, and his description has convinced me, that this is a Wildcat.  
One has been sighted to the west of Fraserburgh, and at the Loch of Strathbeg.  
I was wittering on about Rag Doll Cats and those other large moggies.  
But this was big and it ran away speedily when the DP clicked the camera.  Guess where he will be at dawn tomorrow, doing a proper DAWN PATROL.  
Apparently what you do is set up a camera that movement triggers.  I gave him a long hard stare.  We have a camera in a nest box....currently wired in to the t.v. in the kitchen, its connecting wire strung along the washing line, then through the kitchen patio door (and that didnt come cheap)  Does he really think it feasible or affordable to do the same on the off chance it is a) a wild cat and b) he hasn't frightened it off for ever.

So - one painting, water colour, finished.  Do remember that this is still a learning curve.  But I am quite pleased with it as I had never done reflections before. The lighthouse (Fraserburgh Beacon)  does look as if it is about to fall over.

Just a thrill to finish it!  Glass of wine to celebrate.


Mum said...

There's no stopping you is there? A painting nearly every other day. When are you starting your shop? It looks great and no the lighthouse doesn't look as though it's falling over. I love the shimmers on the water. 10/10
Love from Mum

Jill Chandler said...

Well thank you Mum x
Am still girding up the loins for crocheting. Your teaching is ace, my confidence low.

Jill Chandler said...

Actually the paintings are not nearly every other day, possibly every other week! I try not to make you yawn.

Anonymous said...

Fab painting, and yes to the wildcat. We have one too and it jumped out in front of the car one morning with a rabbit in its mouth...yes, a rabbit!! We notified them at where they keep a tally and a map of sightings. Great website too. xx

Gigi said...

Oh Jill, your painting is beautiful! At first glance, I thought it was a very pretty photograph. You deserve that glass of wine and then some ;). And isn't that strange to have wildcats lurking about? We live out in the sticks too, but I haven't ever seen a wildcat around here. However, I have seen coyotes, foxes, wild hogs (eeep), and various other critters. Hope he doesn't come back to eat a sheep (poor balding one) or a cute little bunny!

BadPenny said...

I thought it was a wolf !
You have every right to be pleased with your painting & earned that glass of wine !
I did a three hour stint in the info trailer for our village food week starting next week. I had to share the village green with an out of doors Church service.... now I need a glass of wine !