Friday, 20 April 2012

Fridays Fauna (and a fishy tale).

This morning when we looked out of the window into the field at the rear this is what we saw.

 The left hand side of the field has been ploughed, but the vast majority of said field remains with barley stubble.

The deer head off to the woodland.

I have mentioned before the big dips in the field.  One of which has filled with water and created an enormous pond.

So we now have ducks!  I did see the farmer some days ago marching round and hands on  hips and shaking his head as he examined this pond.  You really cannot win against nature!  Bit less barley this year, but hey, he can always shoot the ducks.

The hare doesn't mind what is underneath his feet.

And a trout beneath the Ospreys feet.  The DP has been asked to try and find where the Osprey is getting its trout from.  The male was seen eating a pike (!)  Above is the female.

We will not be telling anyone where the nest is.

Just have to tell you a funny story, well I thought it was.  Many years ago when I was living at home with M and D.  D who ran a garage, petrol and repairs, was often given stuff.  One day he was given a pike.  Freshly caught.  Mother sniffed and said "Put it on the floor."  So he did, laid on I seem to remember, The Barnsley Chronicle.
Mother continued preparing her speciality,  savoury mince, which was basically mince and peas swimming valiantly against a tide of very watery gravy.  As she stepped over the pike to dish up it jumped up and bit her.  (We managed to ditch the mince without anyone noticing.)  (Altho I did consider giving it to the pike as a reward.)


Lynn said...

Brilliant :)
Pity I didn't know this tale when I met her!!

Christine Laennec said...

Oh I jumped too, at the end of your story! My oh my, and we think we control Nature... That is funny.

Susan T said...

Serving mince, bitten by a pike. It sounds like a title for a book. Love the wildlife that lives around your home, you are so lucky.

BadPenny said...

Ha ! Love your story. Husband & I both grew up with savoury mince at opposite ends of the country. His ( Scottish ) Nan made a very watery one & my mum's was OK. I ALWAYS add tomato puree when cooking mince !

Wonderful photos ... leave that duck alone !
I had seagulls swooping yesterday as my garden resembles a very small ploughed field ! It annoyed one of my neighbours ! Yes I was gardening in a T shirt as I got very hot digging but then the heavens opened & I had to retreat inside !

A Trifle Rushed said...

What a great story! And I love all the wildlife, how wonderful to have Osprey, and do keep the nest safe.