Thursday, 12 April 2012

In sickness and in health.

Our new woodland.

Eight Silver Birch and one Rowan.  These were purchased at Howford Farm, Strichen.  This is a plant and tree centre run by my friends Moira and Gammack.  They also run a training centre for adults with special needs.

This bridge is a listed building, possibly Roman.  The farm has a wonderful setting by the River Ugie.

Every year, since its inception, The Rotary Club of Central Buchan holds its duck race at Howford.

Here are the ducks being launched.

And on their way.

As you can see it was not a very nice day, but I didnt care, I was in the barn with a wood burning fire and a bottle of red.  The DP reckons to be an ace photographer, so let him get on with it!

Also, delivered today, courtesy of B&Q our new shed.  This is a very kind thought from the DP, and is to house the garden tools which currently are in MY shed and I fall over regularly, that is over the garden fork and spade etc.  Not from any red wine, of course.

Unfortunately the trees and the shed are to sit there for a while.  The DP has a sore throat, and I have YET ANOTHER B***** chest infection.

However he can still manage his dawn patrol, and met this hare.  He also managed to collect my antibiotics.  Tho he probably infected me in the first place, so fair dos.


Lynn said...

Oh bloomin' eck :( Keep taking the medicine - I mean the stuff in the tall bottle, red by the glassful! It will probably aid your recovery if I take some too eh?
We have two silver birch and one rowan so we can compare notes :) We also have two maples, two sorbus and an amelanchior and two bluey conifer thingies - didn't realise til I counted just - me own woodland in suburbia!!
Time for more medicine then?

Mum said...

Poor both of you - this sickness hasn't stopped you from your interests though. The woodland will have to wait - I'd finish the bottle of red - purely for medicinal purposes of course!
Love from Mum
PS great pics.

BadPenny said...

I always continue to drink wine when ill - purely medicinal of course.
I've never seen a Hare in the wild so love the DP's photo.

Isn't the Rowan tree the one planted at a gate to herald a witch ? ha ! best practise your cackle.

What do I know ? I'll ask my mum- she planted one by her front door- I think maybe it is to ward off a witch ? Maybe not a Rowan tree at all.

( I wish you'd been at our charity shop fashion show too )

Jill Chandler said...

A Rowan is intended to ward off a witch. You were right!
There are still some around, so always a good thing to have in your garden.

Christine Laennec said...

Oh Jill, I'm so sorry you're under the weather yet again! Good thing to have a rowan, and of course the medicinal wine. Sending you good Get Well Soon wishes!

lily said...

I love the idea of a duck race, I have a river literally on my doorstep, I feel a plan coming on.............sorry to hear you're unwell, and I'm sure your interaction with the garden fork has nothing whatsoever to do with your clandestine wine drinking exploits in your garden shed....ha!xx

Lynn said...

Well I've got a rowan tree and let's just say - it don't work!!