Monday, 30 April 2012

Mondays Meanderings.

Just look at the Mother Ewe's face!  Resignation?!

Her twins 
"Ey up this is great, better than a trampoline."

At least when they grow up, or grace someones table, she will not be having them phoning/skyping/for advice/counselling/listening/moaning -  so bouncing around on her back is bearable.  

Having said all that I wouldn't really want things any different. 

That my girls are able to phone me with any problems they are experiencing is one big compliment.
Particularly as my own Mother was never any help and stopped speaking to me totally some years back now.  Still dont know why (my brother thinks she is a psychopath.)

It is just that I have four daughters, and when one has a problem, all the others do too.  Perhaps if I looked more like Pamela Stephenson I could cope better.

But I dont.  I can do the smile.  Even now.

My own Mother came to help when I had my first daughter.  I was champing at the bit wanting desperately to weed the front border of our garden, and the pregnancy bump had  meant this was impossible.  Longing to get my hands into soil again, I welcomed Mother showed her the baby, expecting her to coo, rock the crib, no, she went outside -  and weeded the front border.

Last nights sky.

Our chosen wood burning stove.  Actually multi fuel burning, so if we run out of wood, I can hot foot it back to Yorkshire and go down t'pit.

I had a serious talk to myself yesterday about the glasses of wine,  I got so upset at being talked to like that I had to have another glass.

Meandering off now.


Christine Laennec said...

I love your labels: "family, sky, wine"! What a bittersweet story about your mother and the weeding. I always thought you and she had a very warm relationship, based on all the comments that "Mama" left!

Great photograph of the sheep's forebearance.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

My lot are the same ... some days I feel like all I've done is dispense advice. Wouldn't have it any other way though.

Re. the TV, we kept ours on a trolley inside a cupboard for years, wheeling it out when we wanted it, which wasn't that often. Kids weren't too keen but it worked really well.

BadPenny said...

My mum still gets to be mum at 82 !