Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tuesdays Termination.

Now be warned and look away now if you are of a sensitive disposition.  I deal with tragedy with laughter. When my Father was carried up the church steps in his coffin and the bearers tripped, my brother and I howled with laughter as our Dad would have just howled with laughter along with us.

 So here goes.

Puzzle and I went off to the vets this morning.  

As we entered the radio was swiftly turned down a notch or three in volume and the receptionist, in a hushed voice, told me to sit away from everyone else.  Well I wasnt going to sit next to this lot, with a cat, was I?

Whilst this lots owners were eyeing me up and trying to see what was in the box and why the whispers from the receptionist, I was then called in to one of the consulting rooms.  Fully expecting to see the inside of a funeral parlour, and indeed I was asked to sit down and handed a box of tissues.

"Monica will be with you soon."  

So I sat there and Puzzle peered at me through the perspex door on his cat box.  

While I gave the top right hand corner of the room a fierce glare.  

Eventually in came the vet.  In a very low voice she assured me I had made the right decision.  


Then she went off to get a nurse to hold him.  Didnt think I could cope.  Please? 

In came the nurse, 

"Its his back legs you have to watch out for,"  I said.  

Off the nurse went returning with a huge bath towel.

Most of the movements were done on tippy toe. 

Indeed I was awaiting the angelic choir by  this time.

Well - I was proud of him.  Despite losing most of his body weight, struggling to breathe, he really showed them what for.  Ha.

And then he slept.  And then all the pain and suffering was gone.

Its taken all day, in between downpours, to get him under the sod.  With the first of our new spinney of trees on top.

The DP forgot to take his collar off.  I told him, in a few years time you'll have the metal detectors round thinking they have struck gold.  What with magnets to get in the cat door and bells to scare off potential prey.

But the Rowan tree looks good.  Keeping away the witches, with my familiar beneath.


Lynn said...

Aah bless - sorry darling and it's your sense of humour & laughter that I have always loved.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Rest in peace dear Puzzle x

I totally identify with what you say here Jill. I adore my dogs but I'm not sentimental. When the time comes - and it has for a few of them - sympathy is nice but quietly getting the job done is better.

We scatter our dogs' ashes when they die, near a footpath we walk almost daily with them, a practice which we started to comfort the kids when they were small. It has become a ritual of first trying to work out which way the wind is blowing, in an attempt to avoid inhalation, and then repairing to the village pub for a pint looking, inevitably, a little dusty.

Kim @ Lavender Fields Forever said...

Good night Puzzle, sleep tight.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, aren't you brave? I would have been absolutely sobbing my heart out. I bet you're great at handling stress, unlike me! It's still hammering down rain here too, ugh. xx

Christine Laennec said...

Loved this post, Jill. I was thinking about you yesterday, but didn't see this post until today. You're much tougher than I am in such circumstances, but I would have laughed at the people tripping when carrying the coffin too. I'm glad Puzzle isn't suffering any longer.

BadPenny said...

Sweet dreams Puzzle & keep the Witches away x

The garden of the house I grew up in had lots of little doggies buried all over & fruit bushes & fruit trees planted on top by the previous owners - two elderly ladies. The garden produced incredible fruit which we helped ourselves to all summer & harvested the apples from five apple trees. Wonderful fertilizer those little doggies made x