Saturday, 7 April 2012

Saturday Searching and Sighting.

This morning's deer.  Roe Buck.

Yet another ruin.

I really think I am going to have to gird up my loins and walk and then sit and draw some of these ruins.  I would so love to know more about why they are ruins.  I know roofs were taken off so no taxes were then due, but what was wrong with this house.  Its huge, has barns, another mystery.

And made from solid granite.  Beautifully cut granite.

The white house you can see in the distance is ours, so this ruin is not too far away.

I forgot to ask the DP if there were any Silver Birch trees around there.  

He has been out and about today trying to find some to buy to no avail.  Our friend who owns and runs a plant/tree centre with the help of adults with special needs is only open Monday to Friday, but on visiting, he thought he saw some.  So its back there on Monday.
On his travels however, this is what he saw.  Not far from here.

An Osprey!   Back from the West coast of Africa.

It caught a fish.

And then ate it on the top of a telegraph pole.

So not a wasted journey.  He will be entering it on the birding web site.  It will probably be   next viewed at the Loch of Strathbeg.  But he saw it first!

The wild cat sighting has been recorded with who do seem to think it a positive sighting.  No, Penny, not a wolf, well not yet anyway, who knows!

Just keep yer eyes open search and sight.

Off out for a meal tonight.  Apparently its the First Day of Passover.  When the Jews were liberated from Egypt.



Gigi said...

Hi Jill!
That ruin looks fascinating and so very romantic -- makes me wonder about the story of those who once lived there, their secrets, and dreams. Looks like the perfect subject for another of your lovely paintings!
Happy Easter!

Mum said...

Enjoy your meal. We've just had roast chicken and I'm full. Hope you don't have to sit on top of a pole for yours.
Love from Mum