Saturday, 14 April 2012

It has been a year!

This is me making the decision that we would buy this house.  

Didnt really care about the main house, I just wanted this!

We moved in on April 15th 2011.

First to go was this lot.  Lylandii taking light from the kitchen and dining room and leaving us with no view.  Now we have one.

The house was well and truly warmed by all our friends and new neighbours.

Some transformations, such as my take on a luxury bedroom.
Into which grandchildren are also welcome.  (Along with a cat.)

I took up art again after many years.

We found we really were enjoying retirement from hosting a bed and breakfast.  (I havent really got blue lipstick on strange photo!)

And made lots of new friends.

Cherry Cottage we love you.

So guess what I am doing now?  Yep raising a glass of red.  Its been a good move.  And a good year.


Mum said...

All is well. May you have more happy years in your lovely home.
Love from Mum

Lynn said...

Great :) !!

Christine Laennec said...

Congratulations! We were just reflecting that 10 years ago we got the keys to our own current house (which is really a flat). I wish you both many more happy years in yours!

BadPenny said...

A good year and wishing you lots more happiness.
I would have got rid of those wretched trees too !

Gigi said...

It's so good to know you and your husband are enjoying your retirement. Two of my best friends' husbands have died over the last year. It makes me sad for them that they won't have the 'happy golden years' of retirement to enjoy together. But, it's wonderful that you do. And I love your little guest house.
It's so charming.