Friday, 27 April 2012

Fridays Fine Knitting.

A gansey is the name given to the traditional hand-knitted pullover worn by fishermen fishing for herring off the costs of Britain, particularly in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The garments are supremely practical for the purpose – more flexible than a jacket, but robust enough to keep out wind and light spray; knitted by the womenfolk, often elaborately patterned, it is easy to imagine why these jerseys became so popular throughout the industry.

Knitted on the finest needles.  No way I would attempt this!

Ethel, featured on Landward, 7p.m. on BBC 2 in Scotland, knitting a Gansey.  Her first was knitted after she married,  Ethel was a herring girl.

And some old herring girls with their knitting.

Ethel is now passing on her skills to the primary school children in Fraserburgh schools.


Making It Vintage said...

Interesting bit of knitting history there Jill............such beautiful intricate patterns, I'm sure I wouldn't have the patience to attempt a gansey either. x

Christine Laennec said...

Good for Ethel to be passing on the old skills. Isn't there a Gansey Project going on up your way?

Susan T said...

I could do with one of those at the moment, it is b cold here and due to get colder and wetter,ugh.

Jill Chandler said...

Yes Christine, its a Moray Firth project. Ethel lives in Pitullie and is involved, Pitullie is just about on the Moray Firth, left of Fraserburgh.