Saturday, 28 April 2012

Houston we have a problem...

This morning I had a very nice man come to talk about us installing a wood burning stove.

What we have here is oil burning central heating/hot water and back up electric fires.

That thing underneath the t.v. is the back up electric fire in the sitting room and is neither use nor ornament.

And that is on the chimney breast.  As is the t.v.  Which has to be moved.

The man, Dave, waved at the window, but I dont want it there.

And I do not want it here.

So it will probably be to the left of the fireplace, which means I have to find room for the bookcase/current ornament display area.  Hmm. Problem.

Once he had gone I made the most of the beautiful weather today and went into the garden.

Lots of pots to be filled.

My sensory garden to be created with new Lavender plants and a Rosemary.

The cherry trees are all blossoming.

And I finished my ancient farm machinery picture,

But I still need to work out the logistics in the sitting room.....


Anonymous said...

Today's weather was fab, wasn't it? About time too! We've got a stove and it is very handy in powercuts, apart from being cosy and wonderful anyway. But...beware of the sooty dust you will have to contend with from now on. Bah.

BadPenny said...

aah that's where the sun has gone !

Jill Chandler said...

Urgh, never thought of that.

Christine Laennec said...

I don't suppose you could incorporate your t.v. into the bookshelf for ornaments, somehow? Glad you were able to enjoy the beautiful weather. We had a chilly breeze here in Aberdeen, so very cold fingers while gardening, but it was sunny.

I really like your farm-implement art (no idea what you call the thing you have depicted). I like the style (no idea how to describe that either - a bit more graphic than what we've seen so far?). Hope you can read my mind as I don't seem to be able to explain myself!

Mum said...

It's been heaving down all day today here. What a glorious day where you are. Your fourth picture would make a lovely painting - it is beautiful.
Love from Mum
PS I've left you a reply on my blog.