Monday, 2 April 2012

Mondays Meanderings Aroond and aboot.

Happy Monday everyone.

Ploughing continues apace.  What always puzzles me is how do the seagulls know where the ploughing is going on?  Do they hear the sound of the tractor?  Or are they way up high constantly on the look out?

Now this photograph had me in stitches.  Taken by the DP when he was off to Oban at the Highland Wildlife Park.  I do not think there has ever been a Tiger in the Highlands, apart from this moth eaten one in captivity.  (Actually most of the animals there dont look too good .)

His reason for taking this was that he was in a photographic competition for snapping something incongruous in the countryside.  Well its the yellow ball, not the tiger!

Aren't these beautiful cattle.  I cant see the nether regions so dont know whether they are heifers or bullocks, and as the DP is scared of any cow we will never know.  But such lovely colours.

Flowering currant, ever smelt it?!  Cats pee.

 This is the Herring Gull I am trying to catch in acrylic paints.  His left wing has been removed three times so far.

To give you a better idea of just how much top soil was removed by the wind the other day, this is/was a footpath.

Todays deer.

And finally, bet you thought I would never shut up, Bankksy has nothing on us here in the Broch.

Not quite the end.. Its just started to snow.

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BadPenny said...

Flowering currant = cat's pee. I know. I have both.