Sunday, 22 April 2012


My life used to be full of visitors, coming in, going out.  As a bed and breakfast provider that is what you did.  Nowadays since we retired, visitors are either friends or relations, with the emphasis being on the latter.

Currently we have the Dawn Patroller's sister.  Not only can she drink me under the table, but she is a better photographer than the DP.  Indeed she has a qualification to prove it.  So they set off this morning to see who got the best picture.

They saw swans.

About 500 seals at the Ythan Estuary.

A Hairy Coo with an attitude problem.

And a long tailed duck. (rare).

The photographs above are courtesy of the DP.  As to add to my SILs many qualifications, she is also an artist.  So she gets to paint her own photographs. Huh.

And to add insult to injury she is a better artist than me.

So lets just see if this once I can drink her under the table.

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Lynn said...

Try yer best luvvy - Team Jill is cheering you on :)