Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunday Surfing.

I spent the whole morning surfing tinternet.
Apparently along with my paintings I am also to provide small cards which bear miniaturised  fascimiles of my paintings, enclosed, with envelope, in a cellophane wrapper.

So I was sourcing card, envelopes and the wrappers.  
Years ago I had a paypal account.  One of the websites insisted on payment through them.          
I entered in all my details, my card is a new one, we have moved so I thought I would set up a new account.  Oh no, they knew who I was.  Spent another hour finding where I had written down the password.  Put that in.  As they insisted on putting my old address on every damn thing I was inputting, despite my hitting the change button and retyping the new address countless times,  I gave up and shall avoid paypal for evermore.  I also got the goods cheaper on another web site and payment was swift and easy.

Minerva McGonagall (Harry Potter) is the name of our wee tabby cat.  Min for short. (The Goons.)
Here she is having a love in with the Dawn Patroller.

In the afternoon, as usual I headed off down to the shed/summerhouse/artist studio/drinking den/opera theatre and started a couple of canvasses.  Well - if all my paintings get sold I have to replace them (as if.)
 One is to be a Herring Gull flying over the sea and t'other a lighthouse.  Fraserburgh Lighthouse, the one that works at the harbour, well Lighthouse Museum, pretty apt dont you think.
After battling with the Herring Gull, why do I choose to paint white birds?

I sat and watched, out of the square window (Playschool) the field being ploughed and all the birds, including three buzzards, fight over the worms being ploughed up.

They just looked as if they were surfing too.
With a much better result.


Mum said...

And nobody got wet. Hope you had the right gear on!
Love from Mum

BadPenny said...

Aww Tabby cat looks like our Frankie. I had to open a Paypal acc to swap some Blogger makes. I have money in credit which I can't access & now they tell me they have CLOSED MY ACCOUNT !!!
I'm opening the bank of BAD PENNY soon !

Many congratulations for the exhibition.

Christine Laennec said...

Just catching up on your week. (Thanks for your comments on my blog!) I'm so glad your summer house has a new roof. And what great news about your art being in the exhibition. I know what you mean about being unsettled by changes. My mother has just sold the house I was a child in, and I'm almost relieved because I used to find going back a bit unnerving. Hope you're having a grand weekend.