Monday, 9 April 2012

Monday Madness

Weather forecast terrible.  Well I bet any of the Visitor Attractions in the North East of Scotland are ready to sue the Weather Forecasters.

Because of the forecast I decided to go into fifth gear so as to get my Monday cleaning chores out of the way.  Which included repotting some of my orchids.

The kitchen window here works really well.  The plants are in full light, but not direct sun and reward me by 'coming back' to such an extent  I am actually having to pot them on into bigger pots, with orchid compost, and food, of course.  

The reason for going into fifth gear was to get the lily bulbs in the garden.

This should be what they look like in a few months.

And some Gladioli bulbs, which so far I have had no success with whatsoever.  But in this house/garden who knows?

Then as it was 2p.m. when the forecast was for the BAD WEATHER.  I went in to the shed and finished off Sith.

I sometimes wish I could, no I dont, but he really is a wimp and moans such a lot.  Please come back to the house.  And feed me.

This is another version in pen and ink and water colour.   This is inside a CD cover and is for the Knitting Nancies or whatever we are calling ourselves lately.  A work of art, craft, whatever - the title is 'Disc Cover Art.'  Later on this year we are staging an exhibition for the North East Open Studios.  We have women who do stained glass, collage, patchwork, paintings, you name it someone in our group does it.  But it has to fit inside a cd cover.

So that was my manic Monday.

Oh !  The bad weather finally hit at 5p.m.  By which time all Visitor Experiences would have had a very bad day and anyone who was wanting to enjoy their day had just sat inside and watched Carry on Camping while the sun shone.

I leave you with these pictures the DP took yesterday.  Loch of Strathbeg, Short Eared Owl.

If like me, your heart soared at these images, then going manic on a Monday can be forgotten.


Anonymous said...

Wow! and wow again! Your painting of Sith is amazing! And the photos are stunning! You are both so talented. xx

Mum said...

The owl is beautiful and of course Sith too.
Love from Mum