Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tuesdays twitterings.

This lot do more than twitter.  Their calls are truly magical.  Pink Footed Geese.  We get over 30,000 of these every winter.

We woke this morning to find it had snowed in the night.

As we are only 3 miles from the sea we do not often get snow.  We certainly had not got the depth of snow that they had more inland, or further up North.

The sheep are about to lamb, hope they can hang on a bit longer.

Our house, good to see the loft insulation is working!

The Dawn Patroller's path this morning.

A sheep who obviously laid down till the snow stopped!

And the teasel field looking even more artistic than when I painted it some months back.

My dear friend Lynn from Sunnysideofthestreet.blogspot.com sent me some teasel seeds, also some Comfrey seeds.  I have the compost and the trays just need to get the proverbial into gear.  We counted ten goldfinches this morning and they love teasel seed heads so who knows, might corner the market later this year.

Later in the morning I met the gang in the Cafe Connect for coffee, in Fraserburgh.

Tuesday mornings we take over the Cafe Connect, the three tables are moved to make one long one, and then we sort the world out.  And plan and discuss our next voluntary involvement with the community/schools. whether they want it or not.

We had a very interesting lecture about how onions absorb infections, so I am to place said onion beside my bed so I get no more chest infections.

And then we moved on for lunch at the Lighthouse Museum.  Bloody hard work all this.

Back home through yet another blizzard.  Afternoon in the shed/summerhoose,/blah blah
No more twitterings.  

Glass of wine.


Lynn said...

So we've both had busy days then - ever wonder how we managed to fit work in? - lol!
We had ten pure white doves this morning from the local dovecote. Ducks still in residence :)

BadPenny said...

We had a goldfinch nest one year then one of the bloody cats discovered it.
I'd like some snow but quite liked the sunny spell we just had. Have put my new plants to bed under a cover - just in case !