Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tuesday's twittering.

These are the roses I painted last week when they were in bud.  We have another session tomorrow on flowers so am not sure whether to paint them again now they are opening up.

My painting below.

I was going to collect up all the daffodils and tulips and cherry blossom and paint a big vase full, but down came the rain, along came the wind so unless there is a marked improvement it will be the roses again.  As the rest are flattened.

Before the change in the weather, the DP began getting ready for the erection of the new shed.

Earlier in the day, yesterday, we had what the DP said was five minutes of fun.  Whatever turns you on......

I had bought these space saver bags.  You put stuff in and then vacuum all the air out.

In the one above there is a Super kingsize quilt, 6 pillows, a cushion and some bedding.

Air vacuumed out, bloody amazing.  I have reduced two huge boxes of pillows, quilts and 6 drawers full of bedding to four of these crinkly efforts which take up hardly any space at all  in the bottom of one of the wardrobes.  Five minutes of fun - I was ecstatic. 

So much so I moved into the sitting room.  Having followed advice from magazines to have books interspersed with ornaments that is what I had done.  I then thought but you can't appreciate the ornaments/family heirlooms/objet d'art and some crap.

So - the shelf that faces you as you walk into the sitting room is now like this.

All the books apart from those under my bed are now all happily together on the other shelves to the right as you walk in.

At the moment they are placed in sort of  subject order like birds, flowers, gardening, crime, Dickens, poetry, whatever, but the magazines say I should colour coordinate.

I think I should stop buying magazines and twittering.


Lynn said...

Great post as usual. Bit of *************** kinda day/week/month/life (!!) so good to read the voice of reason!!
Can you just imagine trying to find a colour coded book - lol!
Steve saying where's my book gone and me asking what colour it is! I also wonder about the designers who cover the books in fancy papers??
I also wonder about people who have wine racks/cellars. Do they never drink the stuff?
Love love love the vacuum thingy - am now wondering about getting some of those bags.

Christine Laennec said...

Sorry about your flattened flowers. The roses - real and depicted - are lovely.

As for interior decoration, next year they will be saying, "ornaments on their own shelf, books on another". So you're just ahead of the curve, Jill! Do what you like.

BadPenny said...

Shame we can't suck the air out of all of life's over blown problems ! How do you reverse the trick ?

I have way too many ornaments. I've seen colour co-cordinated books on shelves in a magazine & guess they are just for looking at and not for reading !