Friday, 6 April 2012

Friday Fun.

The Dawn Patroller has been drawing up plans for the garden.

They do say you should live in a house for a year before making any changes in the garden.  
Well, he wants to replace this....

....with this.

Silver birches.

So this morning we went off to the 'Largest Garden Centre in the North East.'

Fortunately there is a very nice cafe so we could have a cappuccino and a cake.
 Whilst recovering from the shock of the price of said trees.

They grow in abundance round here, so there were some mutterings about going and digging a few up.  However, tomorrow he is to go visit some other places.

In the afternoon I went down to the shed accompanied by Sith.

I got him to pose by making various silly noises and throwing things as I intend to immortalise him in some medium or other.

And finished off the acrylic lighthouse.


Mum said...

I hope Sith survives the immortalisation process! Steady now.
Love from Mum

Susan T said...

Perfect name for your cat, love it. Every year I look at our garden and decide to re-do it, it never happens.
Thank you for your good wishes on my blog, answer, diet what diet? I remain a fatty. x

BadPenny said...

That would be stunning ! Maybe The DP could broker a deal by buying so many.
Sith makes a great artist's model

Foisty said...

Re the Silver Birch.

There is a guy called Bob Davies who has a tree nursery at Forvie. He sells bare root trees and they are really cheap. Never been there myself but some of my friends swear by him. Might be worth a look for some silver birch. Good luck x

Jill Chandler said...

Thanks Foisty the DP had already been there, and it is excellent, tho we are looking for something bigger as we want to see tree trees before we pass over to wherever (!) Now you should know this one Howford on the edge of Strichen my friend Moira who must be the only nursery to shut on a bank holiday has loads. We're back tomorrow to get some.

Foisty said...

Duh!! Never thought of Howford!! I planted a silver birch in my garden last year but I bought one that was already 6ft tall... no patience, that's my problem :-)