Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunday's Saunterings.

The Dawn Patroller is on his way to full recovery after a bad cold. 
(bit of s sniffle and and some sneezing) (and banished to the spare room so he didnt infect me.)

So this morning he set off to Tyrie, by Fraserburgh, where his square of the ordnance survey map has been given by the British Trust for Ornithology.  He is doing a Breeding Bird Survey.

From there he could see the sun shining on the North Sea.  As the sun was rising.

A Song Thrush.

Not sure whether this is yet another ruined farm or whether it is lived in.

The area has been quarried.  Once the quarrying finishes some areas are left to fill with water.

Isnt it beautiful now?

Farming as well in the area, of course.  

Pictures such as these soothe my soul, I hope they do yours.  

In fact I feel such a stupid person to get myself in a state as to where to put the tele, (see previous post) when I do watch it I complain about the rubbish thats on and when the adverts come on I have been known to go ballistic at "INSULTS TO MY INTELLIGENCE."  So I would probably be just as well in putting it inside a cupboard.

So I will just saunter away now and have a glass of wine

Hope you had a good Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Chuck it out Jill. We did, about 12 years ago. Well, we kept the telly for watching DVDs but gave up the license. Very liberating, and you can spend the saved money on chocolate. ;)

A Trifle Rushed said...

What delightful photographs, I hope you enjoyed your blue skies, it's been grey and raining all weekend here!

Christine Laennec said...

Those are very lovely photographs, thank you. As for the t.v., I bet you would be sorry if you didn't have it to complain at.