Monday, 23 April 2012

Monday's Meanderings.

Last night's sunset in the land of the big sky.

As the earth has tilted, as it does, the sunset is back where I consider it belongs.  It also means we have to give some serious consideration to the patio/decking to be put outside the dining room patio door so that we can sit outside with our glasses of wine. and count the pennies.

This plant was a gift from the SIL.  The instruction label said it can withstand a few degrees of frost, so I put it in a pot, as you NEVER KNOW, it might be minus 14 tonight.

The pot to its left has lily bulbs.  Yes I did say I had liberated all the lily bulbs, but there were an awful lot of them, so the smaller ones got put in the pot.

We have a fair few tulips which I am pleased with, as our previous home had none when we moved in and we were still only on single blooms when we left.

The above is one of two Rogersii that I brought with us from the previous home.  Both have survived and are thriving.  My previous blog readers and current ones will be yawning by now as I am SO PROUD of this plant I do go on and on about it.  Wait till you see the spike it sends up.  The reason I am so proud is that it aint supposed to grow up here and it was purchased, well the original one, from the 'Dead Plant please give tlc'  stand at the garden centre.

The house is called Cherry Cottage.  (I will eventually get around to using Christines translation into Gaelic as it annoys me the name is so twee and not Scottish at all.)
And yes we do have a fair few cherry trees.  Of which some are at their best.  And some are yet to come.

Blogs should be honest.  I always appreciate fellow bloggers who have the guts to say just what they feel.  Life isnt always cherry blossom and tulips.  Or wine and dandelions.

Puzzle had his trip to the vets this morning.  Two options.  More invasive surgery, the lump is growing inwards, not easy to operate in the throat, and then what?  So we have gone for the other option and he is currently doing what he enjoys - being outside - under the hedge, until tomorrow when he will be under a tree.

A-men to Mondays meanderings.


Mum said...

Bye puss, you've had a good life. Enjoy while you still can.
Love from Mum

Christine Laennec said...

Oh Jill I am so, so sorry. Just don't know what else to say. I'll be thinking of you all tomorrow. Bless you.

Gigi said...

Oh no. I'm so sorry. A sad day indeed.
Blessings to you and yours,