Friday, 13 April 2012

The Secret Garden.

The bit of Lonmay that we live in is called Craigellie, after Craigellie House.

 Which is being done up.  So far no-one appears to be giving any attention to the walled garden.

Such beautiful plants in the walled garden.

If I get any of these wrong, please correct me.
I think the one above is a Viburnum, and the one below a Berberis.

This one a Hellebore.

And, would you believe, Snowdrops fruit.

So the Dawn Patroller went on his rounds.  Me - well not a lot.  I had quite a long session reading other peoples blogs.  Made me feel very small!
Nursed the cat by encouraging him to eat, but he is deteriorating....
I have told the DP not to plant the Rowan tree just yet.
Managed my art session doon the summer hoosie.
And now, all thats left is to wish you all a GOOD WEEKEND!
Lynn I have tried countless times to comment on your blog but it wont publish, I am not ignoring you.


lily said...

That's pretty amazing Jill, I never knew snowdrops fruited................please don't feel small, you're a lovely person with a very interesting blog. xx

Gigi said...

Oh my -- that house, that garden! Makes me wish I had buckets of money to 'do up' such a lovely place.
Happy Weekend!

BadPenny said...

I love walled gardens - hope that one is lovingly restored.
Amazing snowdrop photos with their delicate little fruits.
Have a good weekend yourself x

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you are a "huggy" person, but I'm sending you one anyway. :) Lovely pics too. xx

Jill Chandler said...

I tend not to be in case I get yet another chest infection! But from you thats different.:)

Christine Laennec said...

Your blog is one of the ones I turn to first! Don't put yourself down.

And - could that possibly be wild garlic? (You can tell by the smell.) I hope the new owners will look after the secret garden.

And I hope you're starting to feel much, much better.

Ha ha - one of the words to verify is "mediseed"!