Thursday, 1 September 2011

Time to get moving.

Dont panic. I am not moving house again.
But it is time to get the life into gear!
I visited the Tourist Information Centre in Fraserburgh this afternoon to see Isobel Gregory artist in residence for the day. (Also to say hi to Elma and Barbara who work there and who I know from when they used to send us bookings for our b&b.)

Isobel is one of the artists who will be one of the artists taking part in the annual event of North East Open Studios. 144 of them.

Every year I get a personal invite from my friend, Christine Sutherland, who exhibits at this event at House of Leask, (picture above by Martin Gorman), for the private viewing on the Friday evening before the week of open studios commences. Every year prior to this one I have been tied to the b&b and unable to go. But this year I am going! Not only that I am going to visit as many of the open studios as I can fit in during the following week, including Isobels.

Isobel is also sending me details of courses available so I can - at last - recommence wielding the pencils, pens and brushes that are living in the summerhouse, but have nothing to do with decorating it.

At the end of the Open Studios week the following weekend is the New Pitsligo Visual Arts Exhibition.

A veritable visual feast. (Just struck me - we wait until all the tourists have gone home!)

All starts next Friday 9th September.....

Its exciting int it.

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