Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A jaunt.

At last I finally felt up to leaving the old homestead.
Happy Plant Garden Centre.
Due to the awful Summer we have had our front door hanging basket and door side pots were looking decidedly scruffy. Canna Lilies were never a good idea for the planters although the creeping jenny stuff has done well.
These two below are to go in the garden. Sedum is one of my favourite plants as it spreads. Plus you get the flowers now and into the Autumn.

Also in the bag is a Bergenia, another favourite with me. (Elephants ears).

Winter flowering pansies and a Bugle join the creepers.

No picture of the hanging basket as a) I cant see into it as it is too tall for me and b) it needs the plants to get going a bit more!

Now this is not our garden.

We have no pond, let alone two.

Though seeing these does give me food for thought..........

There are some ginormous newbuilds dotted around. How they got planning permission.......

This however is old. A lovely cottage covered with honeysuckle and roses, and ivy. I love the fact this has no harling and you can see the beautiful stone. One thing I regret is that our cottage does have the harling - its a sort of a pebble dash if that explains it any better. Our last home also had harling but would have had it for centuries, unlike here which is only 30 years old.

Why the eagles on the gate posts? I dont know.

Another result of the strong winds we had a few days ago!

Not sure what the combine harvester will make of this trampoline which also had a jaunt.

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