Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Mixed bag.

At last! - something I can eat from the foraging Dawn Patrol Man.

He has promised more tomorrow and sooooooon there will be blackberry jam on my morning toast.

I have had a day off. I drove to Peterhead. Looked round the harbour for the Tall Ship reportedly there.

Sorry but this is from Google. I finally spotted the visitor to Peterhead way out on a bit of the harbour which is probably the furthest away and most difficult to access. Its sails were not like this. I think they call it reefed. Tied back anyway. What did make me cross was when I drove past later on it had gone, so I missed it unfurled and presumably setting off somewhere.

In between I went for my six weekly shearing.

Then it was on to B&Q. I bought a power paint sprayer.

And a face mask and some goggles.

Its the shed or me.

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