Thursday, 15 September 2011


Here is my go at it.

"A study in pastels" unfinished. (First attempt.)

"Media - pencil." Unfinished.

"Media - pen and ink." Unfinished.

Some of the 'art' works I have seen this week has made me brave enough to show you some of mine own. Okay. The three above are mine.

Today we went to Cruden Bay. The Cruden Bay Gifts shop was crammed with stuff. Its a fairly small corner shop and had knitted things, embroidered things, jewellry, paintings, prints, pottery, jewellry. You couldnt move for fear of knocking something over or smashing it.

In amongst all this was our friends who have the Slains Studio and are photographers.

The above two are their work. Of Cruden Bay.

We then went on to Ellon. A group of artists using doing different media were exhibiting in a variety of garden sheds in the back garden of this house.

Amazing dont you agree!

I apologise for not showing you pictures of the garden which was a wild life garden fantastique. Didnt actually see any. But boy was it all there for them. Ponds, so many flowers and plants you could not see a patch of earth. Somewhere through the many trees was the river. All behind this apparantly modest semi detached bungalow. In one of the sheds were what the artist described as 'rude ladies', these were done 'after Picasso.' Hmm.

But the enthusiasm was to be applauded. It really did uplift ones spirits - and confidence in now showing some of my own.



Gigi said...

Oh, so well done! You should be proud of your lovely work.
I used to paint and draw a little and have had the urge to drag out the watercolors, but I'm afraid I can't do it any more -- still I must try!

Making It Vintage said...

Your pencil drawings are pretty impressive, I have no drawing ability the photographs of the bay too.

Usually I use dk dishcloth cotton which is stocked at my local yarn shop, can't remember the name of the yarn now as it's been quite a while since I've bought the moment I'm using Patons 100% cotton 4ply used was purchased as a job lot from Kemps some time ago at a ridiculously low price and I decided it was about time It was used.........the price of cotton has shot up recently so I'm trying to be a little frugal and use what I washes well and wears well too, although you have to allow for a little shrinkage in the first wash.

Thanks for the good luck wishes for folksy,
lily x