Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A day in the life of....

First contributions from the Dawn Patroller, who really should not get up quite so early. Even the moon hasnt gone back to sleep or headed for the Antipodes.

Also up - and this is a good bird tick - a Peregrine Falcon. There were 3 in the sky calling to each other. These birds nest on cliffs or very tall buildings. So what they were doing in the wood down the road - dont know.

And our most common raptor around here, a Buzzard.

They soar on the thermals (not vests - air) and make a mewing noise, quite haunting, so possibly mew isnt the right description.

Now remember this?

Last week we visited the Scottish Lighthouse Museum and the latest project was knitted fish. They have received way over 600 of these, along with mermaids and all the other stuff that lives in the sea.

However, I was led to believe there was a knit and natter session every Tuesday morning so I turned up with my latest WIP in a bag.

To be greeted by half a dozen women of possibly similar age to myself, tho I am sure they were really much older.

Well there was plenty nattering, but no knitting. After viewing someones daughters wedding photos we all trooped off to the exhibition area and had to remove all the fish etc marked with an A for auction... Thursday is the night of the auction and I find I am expected to be there at 4p.m. to help set up for this. I am now, apparently, a friend of the lighthouse. Well theres a first. Most of my friends have legs, either two or four.

I also had to put red blobs on some of the other fish's labels to denote they could be raffled. The decision of which one to put a red blob on was so stressful I came home early.

The afternoon was spent by me and the Dawn Patroller making decisions in B&Q. Never easy. We had taken a photo of the laminate flooring which is laid in one of the two upstairs bedrooms. So as to get a same or similar laminate for the other bedroom and the landing. But I forgot to bring the camera, so it was down to guesswork as usual.

Once that was chosen. And the edging and underlay thrown in the trolley. It was - take a deep breath - time to order seven internal doors.

We had chosen the doors some months ago, but on viewing them again realised the ones we had chosen had been for display purposes only and we now have to decide on a finish for them as they come bare pine....Then the door handles. How difficult is that? Well I think once we have decided on the finish for the doors the handles will be going back.

So it was a relief to return home and me down the studio/summerhouse/bird hide. And Pavarotti.

And to realise that if the cows see these pictures they will trample me to death.

Stick to birds. Isnt he sweet!

Then tonight I have the difficult choice of which colour to choose from this lovely pile of wool delivered today. Bearing in mind the imminent grandson's Mother does not like pastels or blue for a boy. It will be the red then.

And only £1.50 a ball dear knitters. Masons Knitting Supplies, Abingdon. There is a web site. And this particular wool is Double Knit Special by Stylecraft. Loads of colours. Soft and easy to knit.

Been a busy day in the life of....

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