Sunday, 18 September 2011

Coming down to earth.

Although there was one more day of the North East Open Studios we decided we had had enough.
The Dawn Patroller went off as usual. As it was low tide he took a picture of the wreck at Cairnbulg, showing the rocks it foundered on. Also the state it now is in. The sea having taken huge lumps of it away. Still looks pretty 'good' after almost twenty years of lying there.

The main reason for this mornings dawn patrol was to see the thousands of pink footed geese getting up to go off and feed.

The picture below you will have to hit on. This is the light tower at Cairnbulg with seals around.

According to the D.P. they were singing. Yeah.

I have enjoyed a peaceful do nothing day. Contemplating the events of the week past and planning the next.

Rain has been with us most of the day, but now as we head towards the evening the sun is shining.

I went down the garden to the Summer House and standing in the doorway took this picture.

Not only a Summer House, an artists studio, a sewing room, a drinking parlour, but a good bird hide!

And a place to dream of Summers to come. When these lilies will flower at the right time with their feet finally coming down to garden earth and not a pot!

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