Saturday, 3 September 2011


Well it looked better till I took a picture! I moved the huge kist (chest of drawers). In the drawers are my fabric stash. Also my sketch books, paints and pencils and pens. The drawers on top contain my threads and other sewing bits. One set of drawers has seed packets in and the set behind the radio is empty!

It will look better when it is all painted. Serious stuff now the ladders are in.

I doubt I will get the outside roof done this year but nothing is stopping me from doing the inside.....

Only meandering round the garden.

Admiring the sunflowers in a row planted by the birds.

The Dawn Patroller gave me some concern this morning as he was up and off before it was light.

I had to check round the house when I finally got up to make sure he had gone and wasnt lying collapsed somewhere.

Tons of these Crane flies - it is their season for doing I know not what. But they do it every year.

These ink caps are in our garden.

This deer obviously isnt.

The weather today has been an improvement. One almost feels like rambling on about Indian Summer. But not quite. It has been warm and sunny, though there was rain for the Dawn Patroller.

Anyroads, doesnt matter what the weather the improvements down in the shed will continue.


ChrisCross said...

It looks so beautiful, and you are so lucky to designated space for material sketching etc... my stuff spills all over the house!

Anonymous said...

I have shed envy! Glad you're feeling better.