Saturday, 24 September 2011

Rattray Head.

The pink footed geese, that are arriving in their thousands, off to feed at dawn. As the Dawn Patroller got there in time to photograph them at Rattray Head.
Eleven years ago when we were looking at properties in the North East of Scotland this was for sale. This is Rattray Head Lighthouse Keepers accommodation. To get to it from a 'proper' road is on a single track pot holed lane. Fantastic situation. But we decided it was not for us as too much needed doing to the buildings and I refused to live in what I termed as a lego house.
Rattray Head Lighthouse. This is South of where we now live.
The couple who did buy it, Rob and Val Keeble, became friends. They have done a fantastic job. The lego house is now an eco hostel and the cottages, where they live, they have run as a bed and breakfast. There is a web site. Just type in Rattray Head on Google and you will find it and lots of interesting information.
The Lighthouse was one designed by the Stevensons. 1895 it was up and working. Mains electricity and a telephone line were installed in 1977.(Can you believe being without in the 70s!) In 1982 it became automatic so there was no need for anyone to live in the onshore buildings.
Bit cross with the D.P. he could have 'caught' it with the light flashing.
Atmospheric ey?
And the day fulfilled its promise. It has been beautiful. Sunshine, warm, little wind. Grass cutting. Ironing and cleaning, who minds when the sun is shining?
I had a good session down in the summer house drawing and listening to opera. Also listening and watching a boy racer driving the baler in the field at the rear of us. Scattering the pheasant family, who as soon as he had gone were up on top of the bales playing. AND we had some baby partridges in the garden.
A lovely day hope you had the same.

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