Friday, 23 September 2011

Strange Day...

These are twitchers. Bird Watchers who have to go see any rare bird. They drive through the night, fly by helicopter, just so they can make the 'tick'.

Well now. We had a Sandhill Crane land at Strathbeg. Yesterday. They are American. Been seen twice on Scottish Islands, but this is a first for the Scottish Mainland. Also much easier to get to. So we have been swamped by twitchers.
What is more the crane decided to move itself to a field just up the road from us. When the Dawn Patroller went out as dawn was breaking he was stopped by a car full of twitchers, driven up from Kent, overnight, are they mad? and asked where the bird was. Well he does walk out with binoculars and a camera. So is just asking to be stopped by the odd twitcher.

And this is it. Hiding behind a bale. Actually feeding on the odd bits of grain left around.

What excitement.

And there was more. We wento to collect Mikes car from the garage. It wouldnt have taken much more onto the bill for an MOT and service for us to have bought another car.

Good job I wasnt planning a cruise, or any holiday at all.

So I did what I usually do when in shock - went and did something thereapeutic.
I made a playmat for the granddaughter due December.

And a bag for whatever. Lined in the fuchsia backing material for the playmat. This took some brainwork and swearing to work out how to do it. So I am well pleased I did it.

I have signed up for an art class. starting after 'Tattie week' (October) might finally get to draw a cow that doesnt look anorexic.

And a strange end to yesterday. Jo Brand and her programme on Water. I howled with laughter.

Not so strange when you can end the day with laughter. Is it?

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Anonymous said...

You've found an excellent way to overcome car-repair-induced shock! It's a lovely bag. And your art class sounds like a great idea. Maybe someday I can do the same... I like your new header, by the way!