Saturday, 17 September 2011

Save the best till last.

Quite inadvertently that is what we seem to have done.

Today we went to Haddo House. A Scottish National Trust Property. We have been before, as we are members, and had the tour. Prince Edward has had quite a lot to do with Haddo House. He has acted in some of the theatrical productions. If you want to know more google it. I am not a Royalist.

In the courtyard there which contains the shop and cafe, and plant sales some of the year, tho not today, there are plants growing which you would not expect to see in the North East of Scotland. Globe artichokes. One of my favourite plants. One I have tried many times up here - and failed. (I have some beautiful dried specimens bought in Brittany, some years back. )But here in the protected area they thrive. As also were Abutilon. Perhaps I should keep on trying.

This is a picture in pastels of West Rocks, Rosehearty by Louise M. Hewitt MFA.

We go all the way to Haddo House, not that far really!, and find an artist who lives in our local town of Fraserburgh, and one who I am hoping to sign up to for art classes!

Another of her pastels.

This artist was also displaying her work. The seascapes were amazing. So were the prices, although she had sold some.

We very nearly did buy this. Susan Wade French made it. It is a beautiful ceramic 'plate'. I didnt buy it as I was not sure how to display it, or where. But as she is the niece of my soon to be tutor, I have the chance of still buying it. She does not have a web site.

On the way to the next venue we passed fields of cows, sheep, and Llamas.

To Handmade felt pictures. These were amazing. They also had another area where you could make a felt picture. We declined but watched some of the other visitors having a go.

The Bothy at Gight exhibition area.

Please visit the website as although I took photographs, they were crap! The felt pictures were so fantastic. One in particular of a hare just blew my mind away, but not enough money to have it. Its also not a media I want to enter into. But who knows.

We have had a wonderful week of viewing such a vast array of artistic diversity. We have both been inspired.

So lets raise a glass (any excuse) for the North East Open Studios.

A glass of red at the end of the day - save the best till last.

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