Monday, 5 September 2011


Every morning - the sun rises.

Seemple. Which is a catch phrase of a t.v. advert on our television here in the UK.

A by/buy product of our house insurance. Knowing the difference between Compare the and Compare the I was awarded a Meerkat toy. To my overseas viewers this is an advert on our t.v. which is impossible to describe! But it is very amusing. And because I bought the insurance through Compare the I have eventually received this toy.

So I am now the proud owner of a Meerkat. His name is Vassily. I have had hilarious emails describing his journey to our house. But he has finally arrived. A bit of silliness and why not.

Serious stuff now. It is harvest time.

Note the concentration of the driver of the combine harvester. This huge machine trundled up and down till late last night and has continued today, once everything dried up from the morning dew.

Trundling alongside goes the trailer into which the grain is extracted and then filled by the harvester. The grain is Barley. Whisky!

This bit of crop will remain where it is. Red means danger.

Unsure about these too.

Mike's birthday next month and he will be getting a book on how to identify fungi. Whether this is a good idea or not remains to be seen. If I appear in the In Memorium column in the local paper you will know it was a bad idea.

Spiders artistry. I really like spiders. We do not appear to have as many as we had in our previous home. Which is a shame. As what we do have here, at the moment more so, is a hell of a lot of annoying flies.

High tide at Fraserburgh.

And a rabbit, nowhere near the sea.

Or our garden. Thank goodness.

The weather has been amazing these last few days. Warm, no wind, mellow is how I would describe it. And come to think of it thats how many other writers have described this heading for an Autumnal season.

More painting inside the summer house. Will it never end? Cleaned the kitchen patio door windows, made up a bed, tootled around. And then I sat in the summerhouse and played tenor arias at full blast.

Pleasure. Seemple.


Bad Penny said...

I want a Meercat ! My daughter does a really good impression of the TV ads " Seemple " !

I've met the " Go Compare " man. I have ! I kissed him too ... He's very funny in real life & quite attractive ( Welsh too ) He was singing at our village festival with his opera singer friend who lives in our village. They were great - but I'd rather have a Meercat.

Jill said...

All you have to do is choose an insurance company via Compare the Market. Car/house/boat! dog! You then qualify. It has taken quite a while but the emails sent were worth the wait, hilarious. My meerkat went all over Europe at least twice to get here.

Jill said...

Can your daughter do the schlick (?) at the end after saying seemple? I cant :(