Friday, 2 September 2011

Plans and doings.

Today I spent the morning zooming round cleaning and rearranging. Making the most of having some energy for the first time in over a month. I did all the habitable rooms downstairs. Dining room still uninhabitable. More later.
Then I decided it was time to make the new cushion covers for the sitting room. Was going to transform part of the garden but had already done way too much physical stuff. So - Sewing machine and bits in the summer house so off down the garden. Got the machine all set up and then found the electric wires were round my neck, moved the table. Battled on.

Got cross. Nothing works. The table is in the wrong place. The drawers are in the wrong place, everything is in the wrong place. Calm down! This is where the removal men put things. So - tomorrow it is forecast to rain so I will rearrange everything. Ah but! That means having to paint first. The walls and the roof have to be done before I move the drawers and the table.....

A quick walk round the garden to calm down. This is the dining room window. This is to be a patio door. This is why the dining room is not being used. Waiting for the patio door installation. Just beyond is the bund (that wee walled bit) where once was the old oil tank. What on earth do we do with that?

Calm down? No way. Back to the summerhouse and the sewing machine.

At last a job to cross off the list. New cushion covers. Done. Even with the sewing machine cable round my left ear hole. I did them.

Together with the foot stool I recovered, before we moved, in the same material.

I have to sidetrack here a wee bit.

Due to my illness I sadly missed the visit back to the UK of my friend Marina who provided me with all my stash of lovely material. She will no doubt be back up a sand dune in the desert by now. She is one of the leading lights in the UAE in off road driving. Marina lived in Strichen. She had a fabric and curtain making shop and every year had a remnant sale where I went mad. I miss her for that and her zest for all things. Nice to know tho that when she does return to the UK it wont be far from here!

Mike managed his dawn walk despite the threat of rain. This is a deer. Yes it is. As the man said, if I had tried to take a picture like this I wouldnt have known where to start. He was walking down the avenue of trees just down the road, saw the deer walking towards him, slowly pointed the camera without breathing and whoosh it was off. Hence the artistic picture you have before you.

In shock, he pointed the camera skywards and got a flock of lapwings.

You can only plan so much as theres always something else doing things.

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Making It Vintage said...

It' so annoying when you're all ready to start sewing and nothing seems to flow..........glad you got there in the end, the cushions are gorgeous.