Monday, 12 September 2011


for the hurricane.
Well it has rained a bit. Blew a bit. But it is also warm outside. Its now nearly 7p.m. and no hurricane which was promised at 4 p.m.

The Dawn Patroller went artistic with his picture of harebell and moss.

This is a female Ruff. I wouldnt know one if I fell over it, but this was labelled as such by the Dawn Patroller. Perhaps I should get up earlier. Or read some of the shelves full of books we have on birds.

I actually spent some time today trying to make our masses of books look more ...? Well I am not sure really, they just dont look right.

We used to have a library at our last house. So all the shelves contained books. Now the shelves are in our sitting room and there are some precious ornaments also needing to be displayed so it is a real balancing act to get the books looking luring, Come and read me! and the lovelies wanting to be admired. When I do the cleaning I frequently get distracted and move shelves of stuff around. Still not right.

And speaking of libraries I went to our nearest public library today at Cairnbulg, Its 3 miles up the road. And its small. Our last public library was also small at Mintlaw but they did seem to be more in tune to my likes. Crime fiction and house design and garden stuff. Sadly not the same at Cairnbulg. I have now put in a request for some easy baby knits books. There are 5 apparently so I have requested all 5. We then went into an extremely confusing discussion about email addresses. Which I supplied as requested but the librarian was not sure I would actually be informed in this modern way as to my books being available. Also one of the books I did want to borrow today which funnily enough was a knitting book, the only one there, was already on someone elses wanted list. I offered to forgo said book but was told to take it and just make sure I brought it back within 2 weeks rather than 4. As I really dont want to knit any more scarves, which was what the book was about, I was more than happy to let the person who had requested it have it. But no. I have got it for two weeks. The only reason I selected it was that I was getting desperate and thought she would think I was a total twit if I left without any book at all!

And finally a proper view of the geese returning to the North Eat of Scotland, pictured over our house. I may try a video on here as the sound is spine tingling.

You will just have to wait.

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